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Little Corona del Mar viewpoint
Perhaps my favorite beach, Corona del Mar offers so many perspectives. This at low tide with Arch Rock in the distance.
Rock Sunset
This incredible rock formation and water flow leads right to the sunset
Arch Rock Sunset
This beautiful November sky is one of my personal new favorites. Perfect tide, perfect sky and a long exposure make this all come together with Arch Rock in Corona Del Mar, California.
Pismo Pier Sunset
Pismo Beach is an incredible little beach town on California's Central Coast.
Pismo Pier
Pismo Beach is a beautiful sleepy town that should be a must on anyone's California itinerary. This shot from under the pier is soothing to the soul.
Pismo Magenta Sunset
There was so much color in the sky this night I felt incredibly blessed to see this sunset. It's like the end of the pier is beckoning to the sun to stay afloat.
Laguna Rockscape
Immediately following a massive wave, the water flows in unison from the neighboring rock as we see a beautiful reflection in the foreground here in Laguna.
Beachscape Montage Sunset
My favorite of Orange County beaches, this capture required a little bit of rock climbing but the rewards were well worth it. Another beautiful Southern California sunset.
Carlsbad Low Tide
Low tide in Carlsbad bring out the moss covered rocks and they're the main attraction to me. Some even look like a fish with an eye on it - do you see it?!
Arch Rock Birds
Corona Del Mar offers some fantastic views and this low tide capture includes some of my friends.
CDM Sunset
Corona Del Mar is my favorite beach and on this afternoon, Mother Nature delivered a sunset for the ages.
Front Row Seats
Crystal Cove is where Beaches with Bette Midler was filmed. So I was told...
Lazy Sun
Sometimes simple is the most preferred and this gently falling sunset off the coast of Laguna is perfect.
Laguna Bench
Change the 'A' to an 'N' and a beach turns to a bench! Aww...the stories told over the years on this bench with a view must be magical!
Colorful Laguna Sunset
Is there any more colorful scene you can find for a sunset in Laguna?
Coastline Views for Days
The California coast can offer some impressive view points - this from high up along one of the best drives in the United States - Highway 1 south of Carmel.
Beachscape Happy Walk
Dana Strands beach is a gem, offering beautiful views, a relaxing beach - and a cardio challenging walk back up.
Beachscape Cairns
Not every day is sunshine and lollipops in Southern California.
Little Corona del Mar viewpoint Rock Sunset Arch Rock Sunset Pismo Pier Sunset Pismo Pier Pismo Magenta Sunset Laguna Rockscape Beachscape Montage Sunset Carlsbad Low Tide Arch Rock Birds CDM Sunset Front Row Seats Lazy Sun Laguna Bench Colorful Laguna Sunset Coastline Views for Days Beachscape Happy Walk Beachscape Cairns
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