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Painted Ladies
No trip to San Francisco is complete without visiting the world famous Painted Ladies. With 'The City' in the background, one can stare at this scene for hours.
Classic Golden Gate View
My favorite Golden Gate Bridge shot - just love this southwest view from Baker Beach, perfectly timed with the tide and wave coming in.
Golden Gate Dusk
Low tide was perfect for capturing this shot of the Golden Gate Bridge with sunset still glowing in the distance.
Bellagio at Night
Millions have won...and many more millions have lost great fortunes inside these two Vegas institutions.
Vegas Baby Vegas
Paris meets Las Vegas in perfect harmony.
Morning Mirage
A scene many don't get to see...early morning light hitting the world famous Mirage on the Las Vegas Strip.
Downtown Deadwood
Covid-19 made Deadwood, well, dead.
Covid-19 is about the only thing that could slow Tinseltown to a crawl.
Needle in the Sky
The defining pic of the Emerald City, it took me a while to figure out Kerry Park is where the magic happens.
Painted Ladies Classic Golden Gate View Golden Gate Dusk Bellagio at Night Vegas Baby Vegas Morning Mirage Downtown Deadwood Covidwood Needle in the Sky
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