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Crater Lake 'Snowrise'
I've visited Crater Lake in the winter and summer months and I must say...winter wins. This was a goosebump moment for me seeing this crisp morning sunrise unfold in front of me.
Sand Lines
The Great Sand Dunes National Park is a gift from God - seemingly dumped into the middle of nowhere, this park is well worth a full day visit.
Washington Pass Overlook
Washington Pass in North Cascades National Park offers vast views of Liberty Bell and miles of beautiful scenery that can't be beat from an elevated overlook.
Alaska Fall Colors
The fall colors in Alaska can go pound for pound against anywhere in the world. Each tree uniquely had its own color on full display - and I starred intently for a while at its beauty.
Mt Rainier Morning
I cursed the alarm clock as it blared at 4:30am, but this scene with a narrow opening in the melted snow was coffee for the soul.
Joshua Tree Sunrise
The Barker Dam Trail is a short and easy walk to this beautiful and incredibly peaceful part of Joshua Tree National Park and sunrise was every bit worth the early alarm.
Diablo Lake Dream
Diablo Lake in North Cascades National Park gets its incredible color from glacier sediment feeding in from creeks. This was a goosebump moment for me seeing this beaut in person.
Alaska Lightning Strike
Just inside Denali National Park is a steady incline leading to the heart of the park and Mother Nature displayed herself in so many ways in this instance.
BW Capitol Reef
Not for a second do I regret making this Black and White and stealing the color from the glorious rock formation in front of us. Underrated park is Capitol Reef.
Mesa Arch Sunrise
You can't be a Landscape Photographer without this shot in your gallery. Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park at sunrise is a goosebump moment. I arrived thirty minutes before sunrise to get this perfect spot and enjoyed the beauty before my eyes.
Grand Tetons Schwabacher's Landing
Sometimes you can't help but think God overdid himself in nature and Schwabacher's Landing at Grand Teton National Park is the perfect example. Walking up to this spot was a jaw dropper.
Just Roll With It
Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado is a wonderful park with incredible sand dunes.
Alaska Denali Horseshoe Trail
A tame hike down to this river was well worth it in Denali National Park. Water was cold, rocks were laid out as a gift from above, and the views were incredible.
Grand Tetons Oxbow Bend
Another artistic look at Grand Teton National Park, Oxbow Bend is the defining sunrise shot at perhaps my favorite national park.
Grand Tetons Moulton Barn
If you don't capture the staple of Grand Teton National Park in the Moulton Barn then you're missing out. The sense of history in this part of the park is strong and being there when the morning rays hit the barn with the Tetons in the background is a must.
Zig Zag Zion
Zion National Park offers incredible colors. You could feel that heat coming off the rocks in the warm summers and no view encapsulates Zion like this from an overlook.
Grand Tetons Morning
Perhaps my favorite morning in the Grand Tetons, this view gave me goosebumps seeing the layering from top to bottom in front of me.
Delicate Arch Sunset
I know this looks fake but I promise you - it's not. The most beautiful cloud formation made its way slowly in the background of the most famous Arch in Arches National Park.
Badlands Views
You can't tell from this picture how cold this morning sunrise was but I'll tell you this much; when I left the Badlands National Park I felt like I'd flown home from Mars.
Badlands Sunrise
I intended to go to Colorado but with all the parks closed during Covid, I detoured to South Dakota. You could say I went to Mars instead. This sunrise I love so much, I have it printed above my fireplace at home.
Alaska Fall Colors2
Denali National Park in the fall with a fresh blanket of snow? Yes, please!
Crater Lake 'Snowrise' Sand Lines Washington Pass Overlook Alaska Fall Colors Mt Rainier Morning Joshua Tree Sunrise Diablo Lake Dream Alaska Lightning Strike BW Capitol Reef Mesa Arch Sunrise Grand Tetons Schwabacher's Landing Just Roll With It Alaska Denali Horseshoe Trail Grand Tetons Oxbow Bend Grand Tetons Moulton Barn Zig Zag Zion Grand Tetons Morning Delicate Arch Sunset Badlands Views Badlands Sunrise Alaska Fall Colors2
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