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Bell Rock View
Cath Rock Sunset
Laguna Bench
Carlsbad Low Tide
Low tide in Carlsbad bring out the moss covered rocks and they're the main attraction to me. Some even look like a fish with an eye on it - do you see it?!
Pismo Magenta Sunset
There was so much color in the sky this night I felt incredibly blessed to see this sunset. It's like the end of the pier is beckoning to the sun to stay afloat.
Laguna Rockscape
Immediately following a massive wave, the water flows in unison from the neighboring rock as we see a beautiful reflection in the foreground here in Laguna.
Golden Gate Dusk
Low tide was perfect for capturing this shot of the Golden Gate Bridge with sunset still glowing in the distance.
Classic Golden Gate View
My favorite Golden Gate Bridge shot - just love this southwest view from Baker Beach, perfectly timed with the tide and wave coming in.
Mirage Morning
A scene many don't get to see...early morning light hitting the world famous Mirage on the Las Vegas Strip.
Joshua Tree Sunrise
The Barker Dam Trail is a short and easy walk to this beautiful and incredibly peaceful part of Joshua Tree National Park and sunrise was every bit worth the early alarm.
Mt Rainier Morning
I cursed the alarm clock as it blared at 4:30am, but this scene with a narrow opening in the melted snow was coffee for the soul.
Covid-19 is about the only thing that could slow Tinseltown to a crawl.
Vegas Baby Vegas
Paris meets Las Vegas in perfect harmony.
CDM Sunset
Corona Del Mar is my favorite beach and on this afternoon, Mother Nature delivered a sunset for the ages.
Colorful Laguna Sunset
Is there any more colorful scene you can find for a sunset in Laguna?
Beachscape Cairns
Not every day is sunshine and lollipops in Southern California.
Pismo Pier_
Pismo Beach is a beautiful sleepy town that should be a must on anyone's California itinerary. This shot from under the pier is soothing to the soul.
Lazy Sun
Sometimes simple is the most preferred and this gently falling sunset off the coast of Laguna is perfect.
Alaska Hatcher Pass Stream
Snow may be melted off but that's not stopping a steady stream meander through Hatcher Pass in Alaska.
Alaska Hatcher Pass
Hatcher Pass in Alaska offers incredible views and this scene is one that epitomizes the great state.
Alaska Morning Mist
I set the alarm early this morning, praying Mother Nature would give me a beautiful sunrise. I wasn't disappointed with the mist off Reflections Lake and the skies above. One of my favorites.
BW Dead Horse
Photography is a creative medium, right? Even though I absolutely love the red rocks and colors of Dead Horse may be even more majestic black and white.
A man and his dog
Fires were blanketing the surrounding areas this morning at Lake Tahoe. Smoke was hanging in the air and after about an hour of shooting, this tandem set out across to Banzai Rock and I was able to capture the moment.
Tamanawas Falls2
Long exposure photography is a challenging skill to master and this scene in Oregon offered a perfect opportunity. One of my favorite hikes too - Tamanawas Falls.
Just Roll With It
Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado is a wonderful park with incredible sand dunes.
Alaska Fall Colors
Alaska Denali Horseshoe Trail
Badlands Sunrise
Alaska Fall Colors2
Alaska Lightning Strike
Just inside Denali National Park is a steady incline leading to the heart of the park and Mother Nature displayed herself in so many ways in this instance.
Delicate Arch Sunset
Grand Tetons Morning
Zig Zag Zion
Zion National Park offers incredible colors. You could feel that heat coming off the rocks in the warm summers and no view encapsulates Zion like this from an overlook.
Grand Tetons Schwabacher's Landing
Sometimes you can't help but think God overdid himself in nature and Schwabacher's Landing at Grand Teton National Park is the perfect example. Walking up to this spot was a jaw dropper.
Mesa Arch Sunrise
You can't be a Landscape Photographer without this shot in your gallery. Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park at sunrise is a goosebump moment. I arrived thirty minutes before sunrise to get this perfect spot and enjoyed the beauty before my eyes.
Bell Rock View Cath Rock Sunset Laguna Bench Carlsbad Low Tide Pismo Magenta Sunset Laguna Rockscape Golden Gate Dusk Classic Golden Gate View Mirage Morning Joshua Tree Sunrise Mt Rainier Morning Covidwood Vegas Baby Vegas CDM Sunset Colorful Laguna Sunset Beachscape Cairns Pismo Pier_ Lazy Sun Alaska Hatcher Pass Stream Alaska Hatcher Pass Alaska Morning Mist BW Dead Horse A man and his dog Tamanawas Falls2 Just Roll With It Alaska Fall Colors Alaska Denali Horseshoe Trail Badlands Sunrise Alaska Fall Colors2 Alaska Lightning Strike Delicate Arch Sunset Grand Tetons Morning Zig Zag Zion Grand Tetons Schwabacher's Landing Mesa Arch Sunrise
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