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Little Corona del Mar viewpoint
Perhaps my favorite beach, Corona del Mar offers so many perspectives. This at low tide with Arch Rock in the distance.
Rock Sunset
This incredible rock formation and water flow leads right to the sunset
Flower Fields
Every spring the flowers pop and all the colors are well represented here.
Crater Lake 'Snowrise'
I've visited Crater Lake in the winter and summer months and I must say...winter wins. This was a goosebump moment for me seeing this crisp morning sunrise unfold in front of me.
Arch Rock Sunset
Indiana Dunes
All of the colors of the spectrum are represented in this beautiful Lake Michigan view from Indiana Dunes.
Downtown Deadwood
Covid-19 made Deadwood, well, dead.
Sand Lines
The Great Sand Dunes National Park is a gift from God - seemingly dumped into the middle of nowhere, this park is well worth a full day visit.
Beachscape Happy Walk
Dana Strands beach is a gem, offering beautiful views, a relaxing beach - and a cardio challenging walk back up.
Beachscape Views for Days
The California coast can offer some impressive view points - this from high up along one of the best drives in the United States - Highway 1 south of Carmel.
Pismo Pier Sunset
Pismo Beach is an incredible little beach town on California's Central Coast.
Lake Tahoe Bullseye
I was struggling to find a sunset shot - then I glanced down to the right towards the water and saw this tire hanging from the tree. The rest speaks for itself.
The Lonely Road
Country roads can be so enjoyable and when you add in a moody sky and a long straight and open have a recipe for a beautiful picture.
Tamanawas Falls
The culmination of a beautiful hike, Tamanawas Falls is an incredible display of Mother Nature's power. This long exposure is my favorite.
Badlands Views
BW Capitol Reef
Little Corona del Mar viewpoint Rock Sunset Flower Fields Crater Lake 'Snowrise' Arch Rock Sunset Indiana Dunes Downtown Deadwood Sand Lines Beachscape Happy Walk Beachscape Views for Days Pismo Pier Sunset Lake Tahoe Bullseye The Lonely Road Tamanawas Falls Badlands Views BW Capitol Reef
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