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Painted Ladies
No trip to San Francisco is complete without visiting the world famous Painted Ladies. With 'The City' in the background, one can stare at this scene for hours.
Mellow Yellow Friends
When I saw this cluster of yellow trees in the dead of fall in Colorado, I stopped the car suddenly, worked my way down the hill and photographed this as it well deserves.
Bellagio at Night
Millions have won...and many more millions have lost great fortunes inside these two Vegas institutions.
Arch Rock Birds
Corona Del Mar offers some fantastic views and this low tide capture includes some of my friends.
Beachscape Montage Sunset
My favorite of Orange County beaches, this capture required a little bit of rock climbing but the rewards were well worth it. Another beautiful Southern California sunset.
Dead Horse Sunset
Dead Horse Point is a magical place. Sunset sends incredible colors off the rocks and I could sit here for hours staring at its beauty.
Country Storm
I mean...this scene is meant to be photographed, isn't it?
Grand Tetons Moulton Barn
If you don't capture the staple of Grand Teton National Park in the Moulton Barn then you're missing out. The sense of history in this part of the park is strong and being there when the morning rays hit the barn with the Tetons in the background is a must.
Grand Tetons Oxbow Bend
Another artistic look at Grand Teton National Park, Oxbow Bend is the defining sunrise shot at perhaps my favorite national park.
Painted Ladies Mellow Yellow Friends Bellagio at Night Arch Rock Birds Beachscape Montage Sunset Dead Horse Sunset Country Storm Grand Tetons Moulton Barn Grand Tetons Oxbow Bend
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