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Bell Rock View
Sedona is quite the magical place and Bell Rock greets you with it's glory. This end of day shot was on a beautiful hike through the trails of Sedona.
Arch Rock Sunset
This beautiful November sky is one of my personal new favorites. Perfect tide, perfect sky and a long exposure make this all come together with Arch Rock in Corona Del Mar, California.
Alaska Sunrise Pano
Just north of Anchorage sits Reflections Lake. It offered me the perfect viewpoint for a sunrise shot. What's even better is I didn't freeze to death and I wasn't eaten by a bear in getting this panorama.
Washington Pass Overlook
Washington Pass in North Cascades National Park offers vast views of Liberty Bell and miles of beautiful scenery that can't be beat from an elevated overlook.
Moraine Lake Morning
I've been blessed to visit many beautiful places. Moraine Lake is still my favorite. The beautiful peaks...the glacier fed bluish-green smooth water...the rock climb. More of this please.
Pismo Pier
Pismo Beach is a beautiful sleepy town that should be a must on anyone's California itinerary. This shot from under the pier is soothing to the soul.
Classic Golden Gate View
My favorite Golden Gate Bridge shot - just love this southwest view from Baker Beach, perfectly timed with the tide and wave coming in.
BW Dead Horse
Photography is a creative medium, right? Even though I absolutely love the red rocks and colors of Dead Horse Point...it may be even more majestic black and white.
Beachscape Montage Sunset
My favorite of Orange County beaches, this capture required a little bit of rock climbing but the rewards were well worth it. Another beautiful Southern California sunset.
Lake Tahoe Bullseye
I was struggling to find a sunset shot - then I glanced down to the right towards the water and saw this tire hanging from the tree. The rest speaks for itself.
Bell Rock View Arch Rock Sunset Alaska Sunrise Pano Washington Pass Overlook Moraine Lake Morning Pismo Pier Classic Golden Gate View BW Dead Horse Beachscape Montage Sunset Lake Tahoe Bullseye
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